Drea's Rosato 2021




Andrea Kaiser, daughter to Canadian pioneering winemaker Karl J. Kaiser, recently released her first small batch rosé made from the rarely seen Dornfelder grape. Kaiser considered a number of grape varieties and settled on Dornfelder for her first rosé as it not only reminded her of her father who loved the variety for Ontario grape growing but was also intrigued by the idea of producing a rosé from a red grape with a bold colour and intense fruit flavours. She had to look no further than a local grower and was provided an ideal vintage for the production of fresh, bright, and food-friendly wines.


Andrea (Drea) Kaiser has worked at Reif Estate Winery for almost twenty years as Director of Marketing and launched her own wine collection with the help of the Reif team, including owner Klaus W. Reif, Winemaker Roberto DiDomenico, and Assistant Winemaker Fernando Morales. In contemplating Dorenfleder for her rosé, it was apparent that the juice could only spend a moment or two on the skins for colour extraction so the Saignée method was used for production. Even this limited time on the skins brought a deep bright pink hue to the wine, the first and only Dornfelder rosé produced in Canada.


The wine was fermented bone dry and the pleasantly sour notes and backbone of acidity are refreshing on the palate. Tart raspberry aromas and flavours on the nose and palate will pair well with a turkey burger, grilled salmon and shrimp cocktail.





RELEASE DATE:November 27, 2021


SCORE 90 "It shows a dark ruby colour in the glass, a departure from the vast majority of rosés currently being released in Niagara, but, as explained above, the Dornfelder juice could only spend a moment or two on the skins for colour extraction. It has a floral nose of violets and roses and then fresh crushed raspberries, a squirt of lemon, strawberries and herbs. It so refreshingly different and unique on the palate with rich red berries, subtle tannins, pleasing minerality and herbs with a vibrant, dry finish." winesinniagara.com

Rick Vansickle

SCORE 92 "Even with the limited time on the skins it shows a brilliant pink colour in the glass, much darker than last year’s version. The nose shows bold black raspberries, earthy undertones, bramble, herbs and candy popcorn. It’s perfectly dry on the palate with ripe raspberries, some black cherries, herbs and a floral note that is bright and perky through the finish. Really nice expression of rosé here.”

Rick Vansickle