Drea's Cabernet Franc 2021




Andrea (Drea) Kaiser has worked at Reif Estate Winery for almost twenty years as Director of Marketing and launched her collection with the help of the Reif team, including owner Klaus W. Reif, Winemaker Roberto DiDomenico, and Assistant Winemaker Fernando Morales.In 2020 the timing seemed right for Drea to produce her first red as the hot vintage was ideal for full ripening of the fruit. Cabernet Franc was selected for her first classic oak-aged red wine as it was one of her, and her father’s, favourite grapes for Ontario. They both loved Cabernet Franc for its bright fruit flavours and gracious acidity. Cabernet Franc is a most noble variety believed to have been established in the 17th century and in the late 90’s was recognized as the ‘father’ of the well-known Cabernet Sauvignon grape.


In 2020 Andrea also made the decision that her Cabernet Franc would be a tribute to her father’s legacy in education and mentorship within the wine industry. Her father always had an open door and loved to share his knowledge with others. He was not only an inspiration to young winemakers but also a life-long teacher through established institutions and within his wine cellar. This legacy of learning was one that was recognized in 2017 through the establishment of the Karl J. Kaiser Memorial Fund at Brock University and so it seemed fitting that a portion of proceeds from Andrea’s Cabernet Franc wine sales be donated to this fund each year.


Unlike a big cab Cabernet Franc wines are medium-bodied with a savoury mouthwatering taste and are a very versatile food pairing wine. Drea’s 2020 Cabernet Franc is bone dry and has rich flavours of black currant and was kept in three barriques for just over eight months to give the wine some added complexity and soft vanilla notes.





RELEASE DATE:December 4, 2021