COMPLETE Tarot Card Collection



Unlock the mysteries of our Tarot Card Collection wines! Enjoy the entire Tarot Card Collection! This Collection includes ALL FIVE wines from our Tarot Card Collection ('The Empress' Sparkling Chardonnay, 'The Sun' Vidal, 'The Stars' Sparkling Riesling, 'Fortune' Cabernet Rosé, and 'The Magician' Shiraz Pinot) Embrace the cosmic energy and indulge in the magic of these divine wines.


‘The Stars’ SPARKLING RIESLING - This juicy lip smacking sparkler displays flavours of Granny Smith Apple, lemon, fresh orchard pear and peach. If held in the mouth, a smooth texture of petite bubbles winds their way around your tongue.

'The Hanging Man' KERNER - A fruity off-dry white wine that is always a crowd pleaser with juicy fruit aromas and flavours. Sweet tropical fruit of pineapple, papaya, peach and mango on the nose and palate.

‘The Empress’ SPARKLING CHARDONNAY - An off-dry white sparkling wine with fresh, simple, fruity flavours of green apple and lemon

‘The Sun’ SUN SKIN FERMENTED VIDAL 2021 - The grapes were left to soak on their skins, resulting in a pale orange glow. Aromas of fresh peach, tangerine, white flower, and sweet lemon introduce a palate of refreshingly bright flavours and sensations.

‘Fortune’ CABERNET ROSÉ 2022 - A classic rosé with an elegant salmon pink colour. A crab apple tart notes with cotton candy and a touch of strawberry aromas with soft strawberry flavours.

‘The Magician’ SHIRAZ PINOT 2019 - Silky tannins and dark berry fruit on this well-structured wine create a long smooth finish. A balanced acidity interplays with black pepper, spice, black cherry, blackberry and chocolate notes.