Reif Winery Ferox Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Ferox Sauvignon Blanc 2016



Vintage & Viticulture

Due to 2016 being one of the driest and hottest summers, the vineyard roots grew deep into the clay ground seeking for water which is held well in this type of soil. Extensive canopy management which included shoot thinning, bunch thinning and (prior to harvest) cutting bunches in half assisted in superior quality of grapes. The warm weather continued into Harvest and brought optimal berry ripeness for harvesting by hand. Vineyard yield: 2 tonnes/acre

Winemaker’s Notes

BY FABIAN REIS: Right after the Sauvignon Blanc grapes were handpicked, they were immediately de-stemmed and transferred into press. Here they were cold soaked for 20 hours. Fermentation was done in 50% acacia barrels and 50% stainless steel tanks at 10-12 degrees Celsius. Continuous batonnage was done during fermentation and up until bottling.

Tasting Notes

BY STEPHANIE REIS: This Sauvignon Blanc has intense aromas of pineapple, mango, and grapefruit along with a hint of fresh cut grass. Palate bursts with tropical fruits, orange peel, tangerine and green pepper. Aging in acacia barrels allows this wine to have extra body and texture. Pair this wine with pan seared white fish or scallops with avocado & mango salsa.

Residual Sugar:12.4g/L


Brix At Harvest:22.9

Total Acidity:5.8g/L

Aging In Oak:8 months

Release Date:August 1, 2017


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