Reif Winery Ferox Riesling 2016

Ferox Riesling 2016

VQA Niagara Peninsula


Vintage & Viticulture

Due to 2016 being one of the driest and hottest summers, the vineyard roots grew deep into the sandy loam soil seeking for water. The strain on these old vines built unique character to this Riesling. The warm weather continued into Harvest and brought optimal berry ripeness for harvesting by hand. Vineyard yield: 2.3 tonnes/acre

Winemaker’s Notes

BY FABIAN REIS: Grapes entered the press full cluster and were lightly squeezed. There was a 30 hour skin contact in press, allowing for more depth and fruit complexity. This was followed by a cool fermentation between 10-12 degrees Celsius in 50% Acacia Oak barrel and 50% stainless steel tank.

Tasting Notes

BY STEPHANIE REIS: This Riesling exhibits aromas and flavours of ripe green apple, lemon zest, peach, white flower, and a complimenting minerality. Due to the acacia barrels, the wine has no oak characteristics but is produced with a distinctive mouth feel and body that is not often seen in typical Niagara Rieslings. Pair this wine with spiced duck, white fish, or chicken accompanied by fresh crisp greens.

Residual Sugar:8.8g/L


Brix At Harvest:21.2

Total Acidity:6.5g/L

Aging In Oak:8 months

Release Date:August 1, 2017


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