Reif Winery Cabernet Icewine Grand Reserve 2016
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Cabernet Icewine Grand Reserve 2016

VQA Niagara River

Vintage & Viticulture

Weather conditioned varied greatly throughout the year but overall temperatures fell in the normal range and rainfall was normal to above normal. Harvest time arrived with a warm September but October saw untimely rains which made things trickier. Overall it was a good harvest.

Winemaker’s Notes

The first vintage was done in 2000 and was the first Cab Sauvignon Icewine ever made. The grapes were perfectly frozen and the juice flowed in a beautiful ruby colour at 38.8 brix. The fermentation was slow and steady and alcohol reached 10.5% which was ideal for this vintage. The 2013 vintage gave us a perfect balance of fruit and acidity.

Tasting Notes

Aromas of grandma’s homemade strawberry jam. Sweet raspberry and rhubarb pie displayed with a ruby rose colour. On the palate sweet strawberry jam finishing with a smooth texture, sweet red berries and a refreshing acid to balance the sweetness. Indulge and enjoy with chocolate truffles or dark to milk chocolate. All chocolate is good with this Cabernet Icewine.

Residual Sugar:225g/L


Brix At Harvest:38.8

Total Acidity:8.8g/L

Release Date:October 1, 2018


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