Reif Winery Chardonnay Steel 2018

Chardonnay Steel 2018

VQA Niagara River


Reif Winery Chenin Blanc 2017

Chenin Blanc 2017

VQA Niagara River


Reif Winery Drea’s Sauvignon Blanc 2017
New Release

Drea’s Sauvignon Blanc 2017

VQA Niagara Peninsula


Reif Winery Ferox Dornfelder Icewine
Award Winner

Ferox Dornfelder Icewine



Reif Winery Fortune Cabernet Rose 2017
Rave Review

Fortune Cabernet Rose 2017

VQA Ontario


Reif Winery Gamay Nouveau - The Fool 2018
Sold Out

Gamay Nouveau - The Fool 2018

VQA Niagara River

Reif Winery Gewurztraminer 2017

Gewurztraminer 2017

VQA Niagara River


Reif Winery Gewurztraminer Reserve 2017
New Release

Gewurztraminer Reserve 2017

VQA Niagara River


Reif Winery Kerner Reserve 2017

Kerner Reserve 2017

VQA Niagara River


Reif Winery Magician Shiraz Pinot 2017

Magician Shiraz Pinot 2017

VQA Niagara Peninsula

Reif Winery Meritage Red 2015
Award Winner

Meritage Red 2015

VQA Niagara River


Reif Winery Merlot 2018
New Release

Merlot 2018

VQA Niagara Peninsula


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